Texas 2036 Report
Opportunity assumes access to and affordability of basic health care. Basic health care includes emergency services.
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Policy Pillars

Prosperity & Well-Being

Pillar 01
Pillar 01

Through our bicentennial and beyond, Texas is the land of opportunity, prosperity, and well-being for all generations of Texans.


Economic growth is key to ensuring prosperity for all generations of Texans. Texans have enjoyed decades of economic growth and increased income. This has been made possible by many different attributes, including the talented workforce our state educates and attracts, a supportive infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment. Continuing such successes into 2036 will ensure Texans of all generations have the opportunity to prosper.

Quality of life is key to ensuring well-being for all generations of Texans. Texas is projected to add nearly 10 million people by 2036. This diverse population, like previous generations, will be drawn by, or enticed to stay by, a low cost of living, abundant natural resources, and a wide array of cultures. A rising quality of life will complement the economic benefits Texans enjoy.

These two broad goals — a prosperous, growing economy and a strong quality of life shared widely among Texans — are tied to progress in all six of our major policy pillars. To achieve these two overarching goals, our state will need to make significant advances in each of the policy pillars discussed in this Strategic Framework.

Goal and Targets for Texas 2036
Goal #01 - Economic Growth: Texas spurs economic growth through an innovative and business-friendly climate.
• Target: Texas ranks first among Peer States for economic growth.
• Baseline: Texas ranks first in the nation and among Peer States for economic growth with 4.4% GDP growth.
Goal #02 - Quality of Life: Texas is the best place to live and work.
• Target: Texas ranks first among Peer States for quality of life.
• Baseline: Texas ranks #15 in the nation and #6 among Peer States for quality of life.


By adapting to dramatic economic changes for almost 200 years, Texas has increased job growth, wages, exports, and its general productivity.


San Antonio Express-News - November 10, 2019 Texas GDP growth top among U.S. states: Texas had the fastest-growing economy among U.S. states in the second quarter of this year, according to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. https://www.expressnews.com/business/article/Texas.GDP-growth-top-among-U-S-states-14820697.php

But the future economy of Texas will increasingly depend on knowledge-based companies and talented people. During times of rapid change, states will need to be dynamic to recover from dramatic disruptions. Texas encourages students to aim for postsecondary and continuing lifetime education to improve its workforce. To nurture entrepreneurship, Texas also has programs in place to support business startups and expand high- tech industries. Our universities are home to more scientific and medical research than ever before and will continue to do more to help Texas build and expand its innovation economy.